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MAIN DISH: Homemade Pizza! Pizza!

MAIN DISH: Homemade Pizza! Pizza!

How about a little rustic homemade pizza with our Tuscan Sun blend. You don't even necessarily have to prepare your own pizza dough. Pick some up at your local Italian market. That’s what we did and hands down five stars tasty. What you put on your pizza is entirely up to you. Below is a short list of the most popular requests at our house:

CLASSICO ~ Pepperoni, Tomato Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella

MARGHERITA ~ Tomato Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella, Fresh Basil Garnish

PATATES ~ Potato & Asiago with Dried Herbs

IMAGINATION (pictured) ~ Pesto, mozzarella, artichoke, and olives

Spice & Tulips Tuscan Sun spice blend pairs perfectly well with each of them. Marash Chile is another good choice. 

Once you have decided on what dough to use (frozen from the store, Italian market, or make your own), you can either use a rolling pin to evenly stretch out the dough or You Tube a video on stretching out pizza dough by hand. By hand is our preferred method, but no judgment. Do what works for you.

Preheat oven to 475F.

A pizza stone and pizza peel make "pizza night" a lot easier. But a cookie sheet will get the job done.

If you use a stone, remember that it needs to be in your oven prior to heating it up, so it warms with the oven. The pizza peel helps you put the pizza in the oven (onto the stone) and take it out when ready.  

If using a pizza peel, a combination of flour and cornmeal helps the dough not stick to the pizza peel. 

Careful not to over-layer your ingredients or it might not cook in the center. 

Once the edges of the pizza are brown, that's a good indicator that your pizza is ready. About 15 minutes cooking time. We'll usually drizzle extra virgin olive oil around the edges of the cooked pizza.

Let the hot pizza cool a few minutes. Then use a butcher knife to cut slices. Pizza cutters work okay, but with the thinner crust pizzas (crispier!), we've found the butcher knife works better. 

Sprinkle with Tuscan Sun... and presto!