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In Loving Memory


This guy, Uncle Art, was - and forever will be - one of the All Time Greatest MVPs. A kind human, with a fun-loving sense of humor, and pure joy in rooting for others. The day of his passing, he was wearing a blue bandana, and so now, along with all of the other wonderful memories we have of and with him, we have blue bandanas, too. If you receive a blue bandana from us, or think of Art when you see one, the dedication below goes along with it. We hope Art sees it one day, as we hope he sees all the blue bandanas making their way around the world, lifting us up and making us smile. Just like Art would do. We love you, Art, so much, forever and always. 

My Art Collection

Since I was a young girl,

I’ve been collecting Art.


Art from Del Taco,

brand new, fire engine red 

Nissan truck Art

with its signature side dent,

and the best artichokes in the world.


The infectious sound of Art’s laughter

The reassuring sight of Art’s smile

The early morning promise

of his skillet fried potatoes.


I’ve grown to cherish 

the Art of late arrivals

twinkling blue eyes

and tagging along

(just for the fun of it).


A Night at the Movies Art

Championship Lakers Art

Little Caesars Pizza! Pizza! Art


I’ve got it all.


The Art of getting to zero period on time

for almost the whole year!

And the Art that loves all your friends

just as much as you do.


When I think about

my Art collection

I feel so rich and I think 

God, how did I get to be so lucky?


There’s Art

From soccer games, cross country meets

Graduations, rehearsal dinners

Going aways, welcome homes

And all those laundry nights 

at Moochie’s.


In my collection...

There’s also a very special kind of Art

The Art that always waits for the last person

to safely get into their car.

And gives $20 bills to the kids in line behind us

so that they can each buy their own hot dog 

instead of having to share just the one.


The Art of seeing what others might not see.

The Art of doing what others might not do.


The Art of living the life

And, I mean, living the life

that belongs to you. 


If I had to pick a favorite piece 

(which THANK GOD I don’t)

But if I absolutely had to

It would be the Art

that quietly nods in my direction

from across the room

To let me know 

That when things get hard

I’ve got this.



To my sweet, soulful, sensitive

Art, I say to you

Thank you for rockin’ my world.

Thank you for loving me.

I love you, too.