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¡Viva Mexico!

Spice & Tulips

Salsas, Tacos, Carne

The most recent addition to our spice family, ¡Viva Mexico! brings a little Latin fever to your taquitos! It was created with a very special union in mind, the kind that brings people together for the best nachos in the pueblo. Add ¡Viva Mexico! to enchiladas, carnitas, arroz con pollo. Or even chorizo, chile relleno, chilaquiles. But no wimpitos... thees spice ees caliente!!

Ingredients: Garlic, onion, salt, spices, cinnamon, sugar.

2.7 oz

Gluten-Free ~ Non-GMO ~ Vegan ~ No MSG ~ All Natural

Category: Mexican food, spices, spicy

Type: Spice Blend

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