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Mezze Blend

Dip, Garnish, Sauce

Our Mezze (formerly named Olive Oil Dipping) blend is influenced by hidden flavors from the Aegean coast of Turkey. This blend is perfect for when friends stop by and you want to surprise them with something they won’t soon forget. Pick-up a fresh baguette and a selection of cheeses and mix olive oil, Olive Oil Dipping Blend, and lemon juice in a small dish. Serve everything together, then sit back and watch it disappear as your guests go back for seconds. Olive Oil Dipping Blend adds unique flavor to egg salad, pasta dishes, tuna salad or sandwich, caprese salad, mixed olives, or grilled cheese.

Ingredients: Marash Chile, Oregano, Rosemary, Garlic, Cumin, Black Pepper, Black Sea Salt

1.5 oz

Gluten-Free ~ Non-GMO ~ Vegan ~ No MSG ~ All Natural

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