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At Spice & Tulips, we carry purposefully selected spices common in Mediterranean cooking as well as our very own signature spice blends. All of our blends are inspired by favorite family recipes, many of them Turkish, but perhaps as much influenced by places we've visited, lived, or just admired from afar ~ Italy, Spain, Argentina, Iran, the southeastern United States, and California.


We're always thinking of new combinations of herbs and spices to feature seasonally. Check back often to see what's new. In the meantime, visit our on-line selection of Single Spices or Signature Spice Blends  or our 'brick-and-mortar' location in Tustin, CA.


Our original spice blends, listed below, are available individually or as a gift set called "My Turkish Kitchen". With these blends, we put together a delicious combination of flavors for everyday meals without added salt, so that YOU could decide how much is right for your dish, diet, or preference.

• Grand Bazaar (Everyday Blend)
• Rumeli Mezze (Appetizers)
• Istanbul Izgara (Grille & Meats)
• Black Sea Balik (Seafood)


We also have a gift set that includes blends with a minimal amount of salt added, which are equally amazing and delicious. Named "Mediterranean Meets Mideast", this set includes: 


• Harissa (Moroccan Blend)
• Turkish Cajun (Chicken, Fish, Meat)
• Olive Oil Blend (Dip, Garnish, Sauce)
• Zaatar (Middle Eastern Blend)