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TREAT ~ Dark Hot Chocolate with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an ancient adaptogenic superfood known for its energizing and aphrodisiac properties.This decadent dark hot chocolate powder is made in micro batches from raw, organic, fair trade Peruvian Cacao. Composed of four main ingredients, this dry powder mix transforms into the most luxurious, Barcelona-style hot chocolate in two easy steps: (1) add hot water and (2) stir. Boiling the chocolate mixture for a few extra minutes after initial blending adds to its decadence. Another option (the one we do most!) is substituting 6 oz of warm milk of choice with a splash of freshly brewed coffee. So GOOD. 

8 oz pouch, for approximately 10 cups of decadent drinking chocolate.  

Raw . Vegan . All Plant Based. Sweetened with Coconut Palm Sugar.


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