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COCOKIND Facial Repair Oil

1 fl. oz

Texture and tone issues? Meet your hero moisturizer! Restorative properties of rosehip oil help smooth and soften skin while helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots from breakouts and sun spots. Quick absorbing, excellent for use as a daily moisturizer for all skin types.

solution for

  • moisturizing skin that may be uneven in texture or tone
  • soothing and calming delicate skin
  • helping reduce the look of redness or dark spots after breakouts

    how to use

    after cleansing and toning, gently massage one pump into your skin. can be used as a daytime moisturizer or overnight treatment.

    beauty tip: mix in palm with 1-2 sprays of our rosewater facial toner for increased and quicker absorption!

    how to recycle

    peel off the labels, rinse out the bottle, and toss it in your recycling bin. 

    unfortunately, the pump and cap are not recyclable, due to their multiple material composition and small size, respectively.

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