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Best Mom Ever

The absolute best. 

SCENT Olive Leaf

Olive branch, dewy fig leaves, sea mist, and wild violets. Lovely like mamma!

REPURPOSE YOUR JAR Once your candle is finished: 

  1. Cool any remaining wax and fill jar with about an inch of water. (This will help keep it all together for steps 2 & 3.)
  2. Use a butter knife to carve an "X" into wax, then follow the edge where the wax meets the glass to loosen it.
  3. With wax now loose, use your butter knife to pry it out and pop wick tab out from the bottom – it is glued in place – and discard.
  4. Use hot, soapy water to get any remaining residue cleaned up.
  5. Finally… repurpose empty jar with trinkets, cotton balls, hair accessories, nails & screws, or fill an inch with small rocks, add in some soil, and create a micro plant habitat!

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