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Tarkan & Marissa

Tarkan grew up in a small village on the Black Sea, where his family lived off the farmland, bartering with neighbors as well as traders from the nearby Silk Road, introducing incredible flavors into their home kitchen. Tarkan would pick wild herbs from the hillsides and take them home to dry, chop, and blend together into every day spices. Mealtimes were cherished, and it was during this time, that the thrill of cooking and entertaining really started to take shape.

 About 10,000 miles away, Marissa’s perfect meal growing up included chicken nuggets (McD’s), curly fries (Arby’s), and a chocolate frosty (Wendy’s). Healthier options became more attractive by high school and college, but it wasn’t until moving to Turkey in 1998 that she discovered how incredibly satisfying and still good for you that food could be simply by adding some of the best spices and spice combinations the world has to offer.

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Photo Credit: Priscilla Lezzi (Orange Coast Magazine)