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Spice & Tulips

Let's live an UP kind of life! This gorgeous combination of style and taste is fit for a day at the park, the beach, or wherever the wind takes you. Gift set includes one gorgeous Turkish towel, our original and #1 selling spice blend (Grand Bazaar) and the most popular gourmet salt (French Picnic) to flavor up whatever's on the menu... homemade sandwiches, a fresh green salad, any dishes you may have picked up along the way. The practical beauty of Turkish towels is how small they roll up and how big they unfold to easily accommodate a day filled with adventure and some of the best memories you were born to make. Peshtemal colors vary; all are gorgeous and of the highest quality.

Standard Turkish towel dimensions run approximately 6 ft x 3 ft. Gentle wash. 

Type: Gift Set


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