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TEA ~ Organic Tea Tins (Caffeine Free)

Using ethically sourced organic ingredients, these beautiful teas nourish your inner global citizen through fair trade and sustainable harvesting practices. We currently have 3 caffeine-free options available - scroll down to make your selection.

For caffeinated options, click here. 
15 Tea Bags per tin
DREAM CATCHER Relax with this fragrant floral delight brimming with rose petals, chamomile + lavender. Enjoy at bedtime or whenever you’re feeling dreamy.
FARM & FOREST Wholesome herbs harvested + foraged to create a lush, lemony, minty cup of comfort with all organic nettles, elder berries, rose hips, and raspberry leaf.

THROAT SOOTHE The sweet tastes of licorice root + herbs (rose hips, marshmallow leaf) + spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom) to coat and calm your throat.

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